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We have NEVER used cookies except to allow your basket to be remembered if you log out in the middle of a browsing session and have no plans to do so. We have no interest in tracking your internet usage. We do not deliver advertisements, let alone targetted ones and there are no preference settings on this website or any associated Moonshine Group website which would require the use of such cookies.

We have always believed that to keep our customer information safe it is best not to keep it at all and as such, Luminescents does not hold any details about you in its database unless you have made an account in which case only your name and address ( as supplied by you ) is stored and separately from the servers that deliver product information. We do not hold any personal information about you or any payment information that you have used. When making payment for your purchase you are connected to the payment providers servers and not ours which is why it is so important for you to wait for the payment provider to return you to our site after authorisation.

Luminescents will never sell your address details if you make an account nor have we or ever intend to pass them on to third parties.

Luminescents reserves the right to use the e-mail address you provide, if creating your account, to e-mail you when, necessary, with new terms and conditions being introduced. By creating an account with Luminescents it should be understood that have given your express permission for Luminescents to mail you. Your e-mail address will never be passed on to any third party.

You do not need to create an account to use this website – you may purchase as a guest but no-one at Luminescents can see your password if you have created an account and no-one can see any of your payment details at any time.

Accounts created by customers without a valid address or including an incomplete address will be summarily deleted without notification.

All e-mails received are scanned by well known intuitive and self educational spam filtering software which scores the probability of the e-mail being from a known spamming source or, indeed, a known spammer – such e-mails are re-directed to a trash holding filter where the content of the e-mail is analyzed, IP addresses stored and investigated, relevant source code to identify the source noted, and subsequent reports made to the originator’s ISP for further investigation and possible legal consequences being undertaken. It is not worth your time to attempt to spam this website’s e-mail addresses – the consequential legal action could be severe.

Luminescents reserves the right to alter the components or ingredients of any of its products at any time without and notification. Colours and packaging may vary slightly from those shown.

Luminescents cannot be held liable nor is responsible, or indeed endorses any third party content which may include external links placed upon the site by agencies.Luminescents cannot remove these and you must contact the agency you dealt with originally should you wish to remove or amend such items.

For other legitimate enquiries please contact us using the “contact us” page  if you have any questions.