Royal Frankincense handmade soap

Royal Frankincense Handmade Soap


Luminescents soaps are Parabens and SLS free, gentle and moisturising for the skin, causing no dryness or irritation. We do not use any animal products and we don’t test our products on animals either.

Each Soap is available to purchase in a soap cake which, when cut makes, on average, 6 bars

Each bar of Royal Frankincense Handmade Soap contains vegetable glycerin for its moisturising attributes, a substance largely removed from commercial soaps as it has more value for the big commercial manufacturers as an additive in other products they make.

Royal Frankincense Handmade Soap is an ultra rich, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and Parabens free, relaxing, luxuriant and skin friendly glycerin soap with Boswellia’s serrata and carterii essential oils which create an intense and slightly sweet resinous scent with a hit of lemon.


Aqua: glycerin: sorbitol: sodium stearate: propylene glycol: sodium chloride: stearic acid: Boswellia’s serrata and carterii essential oils: Rutile: Saponaria officinalis: pentasodium pentetate: tetrasodium etidronate:

Inspiration behind Royal Frankincense Handmade Soap:-

The incense of the Franks – so called because Charlemagne established the European trade in it from the middle east.

It has many forms, serrata, beyo, maydhi, houdjray, thurifera, to name a few, all of which are slightly different simply because of their growing conditions and the prevailing climate. Most comes from Ethiopia and Kenya nowdays but it grows all over the Middle East, East Africa, and even in India.

I wanted to make a soap, rich in the fragrance but using just one variety didn’t seem enough by itself, I wanted all the rich variation to be prevalent and decided upon the use of carterii and serrata frankincenses as those that provide the resinous richness I was searching for.

I now have customers who use their as yet unused bars to scent their linen and bedding storage before using the bar in the bathroom. Its apparently very effective even if not the original intention


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