Curry Blend – Jalfrezi Style


Curry Blend – Jalfrezi Style

100 grams

Ingredients:-Allergens listed in bold type

Paprika, Cinnamon, Ground Coriander, Cumin, Coriander Leaf, Green Cardamom, Turmeric, Salt, Chilly

Prepared in an environment where nuts and grains may have been present

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Jalfrezi (also Jhal frezi, Zalfrezi, Jaffrazi, is an Indian/Chinese curry blend which  involves frying marinated chunks of meat, fish or vegetables in oil and spices to produce a dry, thick succulent sauce. Other ingredients typically include Cabbage, Bell Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes.

The curry contains chillies and is usually garnished with finely sliced fresh green chillies which means that the heat is variable from medium to hot. Our blend would be classified as medium.

For those who have suffered from the heat of a curry then let us put something of an urban myth to rest. Drinking beer or ice cold water to remove the stinging heat of chilly from the mouth actually makes it worse! – Why? – Because chilly heat (capsaicin) is oil based and oil does not mix with water – it does, however, mix with fat and is diluted by it so the fat content in milk and yoghurt is an effective “coolant”

try it – a little common sense and a lot of relief!

Curry Blend – Jalfrezi Style Ground Ingredients Include:-

Ground Coriander
Coriander Leaf
Green Cardamom

Curry Powder or a blend is a commercially prepared mixture of herbs and spices and is a Western creation, dating to the 18th century. Such mixtures are commonly thought to have first been prepared by Indian merchants for sale to members of the British Colonial government and army returning to Britain.

Dishes called ‘curry’ may contain fish, meat, poultry, or shellfish, either alone or in combination with vegetables. In contrast, many are entirely vegetarian, eaten especially among those who hold ethical or religious proscriptions against eating meat or seafood.

Curries may be either ‘dry’ or ‘wet’.

Dry curries are cooked with very little liquid which is allowed to evaporate, leaving the other ingredients coated with the spice mixture.

Wet curries contain significant amounts of sauce or gravy based on yoghurt, cream, coconut milk, coconut cream, legume purée, or broth.





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