Mango Powder


Mango Powder

Also known as Amchoor or Amchur

100 grams

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Mango Powder is sometimes known as Amchoor or Amchur and is made from unripened green mangoes. The unripened green mangoes are harvested, skinned and sliced and usually laid out to be sun dried which helps to preserve the light brown or tan colour of the flesh and preserve its honeyed tangy aroma and taste.

It can be purchased as dried whole slices ( which we do sometimes stock ) but it is much more useful and convneient to have it in its powdered form, the processing of which, does little or nothing to diminish its flavour or acidity.

Its use is principally confined to mostly northern Indian cookery, where it is used as an acid flavouring in curries, soups, chutneys, marinades and also as a very popular condiment. When used for flavouring only it tends to be added towards the end of the cooking process whilst, obviously, when used as a marinade or tenderiser, it is utilised at the beginning of the cooking process.

The powder acts as a souring agent in a similar fashion to tamarind or Sumac thoughout the Middle East. It is particularly useful as an ingredient in marinades, having the same tenderising qualities as lemon or lime juice. However, where, for instance, three tablespoons of lemon or lime juice are required, one teaspoon of mango powder will suffice.

Both Chicken and fish are enhanced by the use of mango powder.

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