red berry fruit infusion

Red Berry Fruit Infusion


Red Berry Fruit Infusion

100 grams

Red Berry Fruit Infusion uses the finest quality ingredients to make up this deliciously zesty, tangy and refreshing infusion:-

Orange Peel
Red Forest Berries

Red Berry Fruit Infusion is equally delicious both hot as well as cold. Try simmering in sugar syrup to make a fruit cordial concentrate.

To make a warm infusion, use one to two teaspoons of the fruit infusion blend, per serving –  pour boiled water (not boiling) water over the blend and wait for the infusion to steep for about 5 minutes. Add sugar or honey to taste if so desired. These infusions are astringent so take sweetening very easily.

Why not boiling water?

All teas benefit from steeping in water than is just off the boil – so the water has boiled vigorously – just wait for it to stop bubbling before pouring. The reason is that boiling water will scald the infusion ingredients. The same applies to herbs and tea itself. Scalding the ingredients will kill some of the taste. Always use fresh water too. Don’t use water that has previously boiled so throw away any old water in your kettle. You want the water to be as fresh and well oxygenated as possible. Its up to you whether you use bottled, filtered or just plain tap water.

To make a Sugar Syrup

Take equal quantities of sugar (white granulated is fine) and water. Place in a small saucepan and heat until simmering point is reached. Stir constantly over the heat until all the sugar is dissolved. Make sure the sugar is all dissolved – if not the resultant mixture will start to re-crystalise in storage. The longer you simmer it the thicker your syrup will be. Add your fruit infusion when the syrup is at the desired thickness and leave to cool. To make a strongly flavoured syrup, add the fruit infusion earlier and simmer with the syrup. Strain and bottle when cool. Use this as the base for your cordial, diluting with water (sparkling or otherwise) to taste.

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