Bai Fu Zi Powder – Typhonium giganteum


Bai Fu Zi Powder

Typhonium giganteum

50 grams


Typhonium giganteum known in China as Bai Fu Zi is also known as Giant Voodoo Lily or Chinese Jack in the Pulpit.

In early summer, the long petioles emerge from the tuber to produce a green, arrowhead-shaped leaf. In midsummer a 10″ tall flower spike emerges on a short stalk at ground level. Each inflorescence is an upright, light purple pitcher with a velvety black lining. From the interior of the pitcher emerges the black spadix. The giant voodoo lily does have a memorable fragrance for about a day.

The tuberous rhizomes are dug in autumn. After the fibrous roots and bark have been removed, the rhizomes are steamed with sulfur once or twice. Then they are dried in the sun and cut into slices.

Traditional Uses for Bai Fu Zi:-

The rhizome has a sweet but slightly acrid taste and preparations made from it are used as an expectorant ( a means to bring up and expel phlegm ) and as an anti rheumatic. As a topically applied wash, a cooled infusion is reported to help with cases of juvenile acne and it is sometimes used in detox mixes. It is slightly sedative.

It contains Choline, Oleic Acid, Inositol, Uracil, Beta Sitosterol, Glucosides, Saponins.


It is slightly toxic in its raw form and not recommended throughout pregnancy. If in doubt please comsult with a professional practitioner.




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