coleus root

Coleus Root – Plectranthus barbatus


Coleus Root

Plectranthus barbatus ( synonym Coleus forskohlii)

Also known as Indian Coleus, MainMula

50 grams

Coleus Root (Plectranthus barbatus or Coleus forskohlii)  is a tropical perennial plant sometimes known as Indian Coleus or MainMula

Constituents of Coleus Root:-

It has attracted interest from a scientific and medicinal standpoint because it produces a substance called Forskolin and rosmarinic acid, flavanoid glucoronides and diterpenoids.

Traditional Uses of Coleus Root:-

In Indian Ayurvedic culture it is often pickled and used to treat weak heart conditions amongst many others such as convulsions, spasmodic pain and relieving irritating or painful urination, asthma and is known as MainMula

In the West it is often regarded as a weight loss tool as claims are made that Forskolin helps with the body’s ability to burn fat. (this editor has no idea if there is any evidence to support such a claim and can find no empirical evidence to suugest ts veracity but the internet is littered with this claim for it)

In South America it is often used to alleviate digestive problems, particularly liver-related ones, such as headaches caused by hangovers and other consumption of alcohol, as well as excessive fat content in food. Perhaps this is here the tradition of wight loss through fat control emanates?

In Kenya it is also referred to as Kikuyu toilet paper, as in rural areas its leaves are used for just such a purpose.

In South America it is used like Boldo Leaves as a mild domestic “cure all” medicine although they are entirely different species, one being native to the South American Continent(Boldo) and the other introduced.

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