wild strawberry leaf

Strawberry Leaf Wild (Cut) – Fragaria vesca


Cut Wild Strawberry Leaf

Fragaria vesca

Also known as Woodland Strawberry, Alpine Strawberry, European Strawberry, or Fraise des Boi

100 grams

Wild Strawberry Leaf (Fragaria vesca) is perennial plant indigenous to Europe. Although there are several varieties of wild strawberries, all of the species have similar medicinal properties.

Also known as Woodland Strawberry, Alpine Strawberry, European Strawberry, or Fraise des Boi

Traditional Uses of Wild Strawberry Leaf:-

The leaves are a diuretic, astringent, and tonic and can be made into a mild and aromatic tea, which is most often used to treat diarrhoea, intestinal and urinary complaints.

Other traditional, though unsubstantiated, uses for strawberry leaf tea include leucorrhoea, catarrh (mucous), dysentery, rheumatism, rash, respiratory complaints, tension, and water retention.

Strawberry leaves may also be added to bath water for aches and pains or used as a mouth and throat gargle.

The German Commission E recommends preparations made from wild strawberry leaves for external use in treating rashes, as well as internally for treating gastrointestinal catarrh (mucous), diarrhoea, intestinal toning, liver health maintenance, catarrh of respiratory passages, rheumatism, nervousness, bladder health maintenance, gravel, fever, as a diuretic and in support of vascular health.

The leaf is also recognized as a blood purifier and is indicated for treating night sweats, to stimulate digestion, in anaemia, as a tonic, to reduce profuse menstruation and, finally, to support natural loss of weight.

Constituents of Wild Strawberry Leaf

An antibiotic, fragarin, has been isolated from strawberry leaves and may be a new kind of preformed antimicrobial compound (phytoanticipin). Antioxidant activity in the fruits and leaves of strawberry, blackberry and raspberry vary by developmental stage and leaves were found to have higher antioxidant activity.

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