Gaja Pippal – Scindapsus officinalis


Gaja Pippal

Scindapsus officinalis

50 grams

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Gaja Pippal (Scindapsus officinalis) is a genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family. The species is native to the Indian subcontinent and Indo-China. The plant is also known as pipul, gajpipul, and tiakathal.

It is a kind of giant Indian Long Pepper

Traditional Uses for Gaja Pippal:-

Gaja pippali – Scindapsus officinalis is a plant mentioned in Ayurveda for the treatment of respiratory diseases, indigestion, fever, pain in the joints and in the improvement of the quality of breast milk in lactating women. The fruit is used medicinally as a stimulant and treatment for rheumatism. Fruits are cultivated in India and is an important ingredient in Ayurveda.

A strong decoction is generally made from the fruit and then sweetened with honey and taken cold.


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50 grams