Benzoin (Sumatra) Essential Oil (Styrax benzoin) 100% Pure


BOTANICAL NAME: Styrax benzoin

SCENT: Benzoin essential oil has a sweet, warm and comforting vanilla-like aroma.




ORIGIN: Sumatra

COLOUR: Benzoin Essential Oil is golden brown in hue

CONSISTENCY: medium viscous when cold

NOTE: Base

The Styrax tree from which Benzoin Sumatra Essential Oil is extracted grows in the Far East, principally in Java, Sumatra which are both in Indonesia and also in Thailand. The tree itself grows to 8 metres (20 feet) in height. Deep incisions are made in the trunk of the tree from which the greyish coloured sap exudes. When this liquid resinous lump becomes hard and brittle, it is collected from the bark where it is left to harden.

Reported Attributes of Benzoin Sumatra Essential Oil:

Traditional and Emotional uses reportedly include:- antiseptic, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, carminative, deodorant, diuretic, expectorant, sedative and vulnerary. Benzoin is used as an essential oil as well as a fixative in perfumes. Benzoin essential oil is reportedly used for bronchitis, coughs, colds, wounds, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatism, arthritis, scar tissue, circulation, nervous tension, stress, muscle pains, chilblains, rashes and mouth ulcers.

Benzoin Sumatra Essential Oil Blends Well With:-

Benzoin essential oil blends well with Bergamot, Coriander, Frankincense, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Orange, Petitgrain, Rose and Sandalwood.

History of Benzoin Sumatra Essential Oil:-

Benzoin, also known as gum Benjamin in its hardened resin form, is one of the classic ingredients of incense. In ancient civilizations it was used in fumigation. Benzoin was an ingredient of ‘Friar’s balsam’, an aid to respiratory problems.


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