pink pepper essential oil label

Pink Pepper Essential Oil – Schinus molle


BOTANICAL NAME: Schinus molle

SCENT: Pink Pepper essential oil has a warm-spicy, and fresh, with a hint of resin and of angelica.It can be used as a substitute for Black Pepper in perfumery.

STRENGTH OF AROMA: Medium to Strong



ORIGIN: Ecuador

COLOUR: Pink Pepper Essential Oil is light orange to pale red


NOTE: Middle

Schinus molle from which this wild crafted The Pink Pepper essential oil is distilled is also sometimes known as the Peruvian pepper tree, and reaches a height of 15 metres. It grows wild from Mexico to Southern Chile. Its cousin the Brazilian Pepper Tree whilst dissimilar in appearance also produces reddish corns which are sold as pink or red peppercorns.

It is not related to black pepper, but the dried, red, berry-like fruits are used in a similar way as a spice. The essential oil of ‘pink pepper’ has a sweeter character, the berries going well even in fruit sauces, vinaigrettes, and desserts. The berries are also used to prepare a traditional Peruvian alcoholic drink.

Reported Attributes of Pink Pepper Essential Oil:-

Pink Peppercorn essential oil is helpful for treating poor circulation, arthritis, respiratory ailments, digestive problems, infections, colds, ‘flu, and viral illnesses.

The oil is dominated by monterpenes and sesquiterpenes, with alpha-cadinol as one of the major oxygenated compounds. The oil has found a use in perfumery as it brings diffusivity, adds a creamy aspect, and blends well with musks.

Pink Pepper Essential Oil Blends Well With:-

Works well with all citrus oils, musky scents like Patchouli and Sandalwood and resinous aromas like Juniper.


A resinous gum obtained from the bark has been used in folk medicine to treat digestive disorders. A purgative known as ‘American Mastic’ is obtained from the tree.

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