Sitka Spruce Essential Oil-Picea sitchensis


BOTANICAL NAME: Picea sitchensis

SCENT:Sitka Spruce essential oil is rarer than the black or white spruce. It is sweeter, and softer than most evergreen oils with a balsamic, resinous odour with green woody and slightly fruity notes. Overall, the scent is very clean, fresh and pleasant.


PLANT PART USED: Needles and Twigs

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation.

ORIGIN: Norway

COLOUR: Sitka Spruce essential oil is colourless to pale yellow in hue.



Sitka Spruce from Alaska is the fifth largest conifer species in the world falling just behind the likes of The Giant Sequoia The Kauri, The Western Red Cedar and the Coast Redwood. It is truly enormous , growing to around 300 feet in height and very long lived. It owes its name to the habitat and area in which it originates, Sitka in Alaska but is now grown in many mountainous and cold regions around the globe as a large arborial specimen. It has a remarkably shallow root system for such a large tree.

Newly grown tips of Sitka spruce branches are used to flavour Spruce Beer or boiled to make a kind of syrup

Reported Attributes of Sitka Spruce Essential Oil:

Traditional and Emotional uses reportedly include:-

The essential oil has a very pleasant scent, and can be used by aromatherapists in baths to revive tired muscles. It will also be seen frequently used in room sprays, detergents, and in cough and cold preparations as a diffusing oil and an inhalent.

Blends Well With:-

The Essential Oil blends well with Silver Fir, Frankincense, Cypress, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Rose Otto, Palo Santo, Juniper, Hyssop, Vetiver and Honey Myrtle


Sitka Spruce Needle Essential oil has a shorter history than the Black or White Spruce of use in saunas, steam baths, and as an additive to baths and massage products in spas. A particular strength of this essential oil is it’s ability to target sore muscles and to re-energize or invigorate.

The wood or lumber itself is highly prized in the manufacture of musical instruments and in sail boat building where the relatively knot free dense wood makes good spar material for sail boats and conducts sound well in guitars and violins.

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