Lavender Massage Oil

Lavender Massage Oil


supplied in 200ml round blue boston glass bottle with a screwtop

Botanical massage oils are formulated with only the finest natural essential oils and absolutes, resins, hydrolates and gums in a blend of grapeseed and sweet almond oils with vitamin E (tocopheryl)

These botanical massage oils have been developed for adults but are safe to use with children above the age of around 8 years.

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Four timeless Lavenders (Lavendulas augustifolia, dentata, officinalis, and latifolia) are used to create a florid and resinous floral pillow spray that evokes hot summer, silent but for the buzzing of bees, birdsong and mild whisps of breeze in the European countryside like that of Provence in France, famous for its lavender production or Norfolk or Surrey in England.

Lavender is simply one of the best loved fragrances all over the world – its hard to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate it and, as such, this series of 4 distinctive and very different Lavenders are used to create an extra special massage oil

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