Neroli Massage lotion

Neroli Massage Lotion


supplied in 200ml round blue boston glass bottle with a pump dispenser

Botanical Massage Lotions are formulated with only the finest natural essential oils and absolutes, resins, hydrolates and gums in a blend of  Purified water,Vegetable glycerin,Palm ester strearates, Aloe Vera,Sweet Almond Oil,Stearic Acid (from Palm),Isopropyl myristate,emulsifying wax (from Palm), Tocopheryl Acetate.

These Botanical Massage Lotions have been developed for adults but are safe to use with children above the age of around 8 years. They are particularly popular with those who like a massage but dislike the mess that massage oil can make – Massage Lotions are readily absorbed.

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Neroli (Citrus aurantium) is made from the unopened buds of Orange Blossom and is one of the World’s most exclusive oils and much prized for its beautiful floral aroma with just a touch of citrus. It is a component in around 38% of the most famous perfumes and was named after Princess Neroli of Naples in the 18th Century, who wore the oil as a perfume

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