Orange Blossom and ylang ylang Massage Oil

Orange Blossom & Ylang Ylang Massage Oil


supplied in 200ml round blue boston glass bottle with a screwtop

Botanical massage oils are formulated with only the finest natural essential oils and absolutes, resins, hydrolates and gums in a blend of grapeseed and sweet almond oils with vitamin E (tocopheryl)

These botanical massage oils have been developed for adults but are safe to use with children above the age of around 8 years.

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Orange Blossom (Citrus sinensis) and Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)  are used to create this extreme floral spray tempered with the much loved fragrance of Ylang Ylang 1st impression essential oil which adds its unique floral hues that compliment Orange Blossom so perfectly.

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