Stomach Soother Herbal Infusion Blend

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This blog post about Stomach Soother Herbal Infusion Blend is designed for educational purposes only and is no recommendation.


Since the European laws changed in 2011 you might have noticed that many proprietary herbal teas claiming remedial attributes have disappeared from the shelves.

This is simply because the cost of having such blends authorised and licensed after testing and the resultant paperwork (and the time it takes) the law now requires is so costly that small herbal practitioners can make up a batch for you at a cost which will include a consultation fee probably or, better still, you can do so yourself with the help of a recipe such as this.

Smaller herbal suppliers are being strangled by legislation and the larger conglomerates who seek to dominate the market but the smaller herbal experts simply cannot afford the costs involved.

We can share our knowledge and experience, however, which is all this blog seeks to do. If you wish to make up this Stomach Soother Herbal Infusion Blend then you can buy the ingredients from us if you wish. Each ingredient is a link to its page on this site.

Stomach Soother Herbal Infusion Blend:-

Delicious in flavour and scent, this combination  contains herbs that are traditionally used to soothe and ease all digestive troubles. We recommend that if you use it you alternate with an Exotic Spiced Chai, a Liver Maintence or a Serene & Tranquil blend.

There is no exact science to blending the herbs lised below and you can scale the recipe up or down as you wish. This will make enough for around 50 servings.


Recommendation:- 1 strong cup after meals.

Ingredients for Stomach Soother Herbal Infusion Blend:-

Irish Moss – 50 grams
Chickweed – 100 grams
Peppermint – 50 grams
Cinnamon Quills – 25 grams
Marshmallow Root – 200 grams
Liquorice – 25 grams

The cinnamon and liquorice are just for flavour so if you dislike these ingredients you can leave them out with no ill effects. Its the other ingredients that are the active herbs in this blend.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly (Break up the cinnamon quills roughly if using them) and its our suggestion that you wait for about 10 days before brewing a pot or two, agitating the mix occasionally during that 10 day period to ensure all the flavours blend well and thoroughly.

When ready and this mix will make around 50 cups or good sized mugs, use a heaped teaspoon of the blend per person or serving and use a cafatierre if you don’t have a straining teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over the blend – wait until the water has stopped bubbling before you pour it which will signify its just off the boil otherwise you will scald the herbs. Always use fresh water rather than water you have previously boiled and left in the kettle. You want the water to have as much oxygen in it as possible.

Let the blend brew for around 5 minutes and then drink.