What is Essiac Tea

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This article in no way endorses the efficacy of the eventual recipe but is presented for educational and historical purposes only for those interested in what Essiac Tea is.


Essiac Tea was discovered by the nurse Rene Caisse ( The name Essiac is simply her name spelt backwards).

She had the recipe given to her by an English woman who told her that in a meeting with a First National (Amero Indian) Shaman several years before she had been given to believe that a recipe of common-ish herbs taken as a tea regularly would stop or alleviate cancer.

Rene Caisse gave the tea to a number of her aquaintances suffering from cancer, no less her own Mother and an Aunt, with what she claimed to have been remarkable results. Ever since then the tea has been a famous name amongst herbal blends with what results one can only surmise as no clinical tests have ever been done to prove or disprove its effect.

The ingredients are simple, having been refined over the years by the Nurse down to four

Rhubarb Root

rhubarb-root-botanicalSheeps Sorrel

sheeps-sorrell-botanicalSlippery Elm Bark

slippery-elm-bark-botanicalBurdock Root


A distillation of recipes:-

250 gramsĀ  Burdock Root, 200 gramsĀ  Sheep’s Sorrel, 40 grams Slippery Elm Bark, 20 grams Rhubarb Root

Mix all the herbs together thoroughly and use 25 grams of the mix to 1 litre of fresh water( its up to you if you use tap water, bottled water or filtered water but don’t use water that you have previously boiled in the kettle and left – always use fresh water)

Mix the herbs into the water and bring to simmering point, then simmer gently for around 10 minutes.

drink 1 part (around 25 ml diluted in 50 ml of fresh water) just once a day, either in the morning or just before bed. Its NOT tasty so be prepared!