Tienchi Ginseng Cut Root – San Qi – Panax notoginseng


25 grams

Tienchi Ginseng Cut Root

Botanical Name Panax notoginseng

Plant Part Used Dried Root


Tienchi Ginseng (Panax notoginseng) also known just as Notoginseng in English should not be confused with Asian Ginseng which is Panax ginseng. It belongs to the same family of plants but is a different species. It is also known as Sanchi, Three-Seven Root, and Mountain Paint.

In China it is known as Three-Seven Root because because the plant has three branches with seven leaves each. It is also said that the root should be harvested between three and seven years after planting it. Its maturity before harvesting is one of the reasons that it and most other Ginseng’s are rarer and more expensive than most people would hope.

In Latin, Panax simply means cure all and the species is one of the better known of all herbal remedies around the world.

Constituents and Uses of Tienchi Ginseng:-

The main chemical ingredients in Tienchi Ginseng are the Dammarane  ginsenosides, high levels of Rb1, Rd (ppd classification) and Rg1 (ppt classification) (more so than Panax Ginseng) Protoanaxadiol and protoanaxatriol

Tienchi Ginseng contains compounds known as adaptogens. Adaptogens are believed to be helpful for people dealing with physical and/or emotional stress. Today, several Asian countries are prescribing Tienchi Ginseng as a treatment for several illnesses, including heart conditions and to enhance overall health.

Studies of Western herbal medicine show that ginseng’s ability to regulate the immune system can assist in the prevention of colds, flu, and some forms of cancer. Case studies show that ginseng may also be effective in lowering the sugar content in the blood and and lowering cholesterol levels. Consequently, ginseng may prove beneficial when used in connection with type 2 diabetes and when used by those suffering from high cholesterol.

All the potential uses of the ginseng root have not been fully explored; however, in both laboratory studies of humans and animals,  ginseng proved successful in relaxing the muscles of the lungs. By relaxing the muscles of the lungs that control the airway, ginseng may be able to provide some relief for symptoms associated with asthma, constriction of the airways, and other lung diseases. Further studies show that a combination of panax notoginseng and gingko biloba may increase memory capacity and enhance the thinking processes. However these are only suggested effects that are not supported by any clinical evidence.

It has a reputation thoughout the Far East for treating blood disorders


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December 2023