If you have come to us as a previous visitor or customer of www.luminescents.co.uk, or a previous visitor of our www.luminescents.net or The Natural Herbalist sites then please be aware that your account details have not been copied across to this, our new website as you no longer need to have an account to purchase from us. You may still have an account if you wish but you will have to create a new one on this site should you wish to do so. Data protection laws do not allow us to copy data across from one site to another.

We are NOT practitioners – We do not claim to be such – We are a specialist RETAIL shop supplying RAW oils and herbal supplies and support industry and businesses, Practitioners, Perfume houses, Breweries etc as well as some members of the public.

All products have been tested. All oils and herbal material have been certified as authentic by Government approved laboratories at source and are 100 percent genuine. They carry the mark of excellence and many that are found not to meet ours or the Government approved laboratory’s stringent criteria are rejected so that you can be confident that any product you purchase from us uses the highest quality authentic ingredients. Such testing is for authenticity and microbial or pesticide contamination and DOES NOT constitute a Material Safety Test. MSDS is an entirely different and specific certification which is not required for non hazardous items.

All natural oil and herbal products are not processed or manufactured but plain RAW material and have not been processed and are free from any additives.

Nothing we sell or make ourselves has been tested on animals and we use only natural ingredients and natural preservatives where appropriate.

Please be aware that we cannot engage in personal conversation or recommendations about our products with potential or actual customers. Raw material is not a final medicine but material from which other products can be made – therefore dosage information, if self medicating, cannot be advised. If self medicating you should seek the advice of a qualified practitioner in the first instance.

All the information we have about any product in question can be found on the page on which it is listed – the information is provided for educational purposes only and is related to traditional use, in many cases, in the country itself from where the product originates and should not be regarded as a recommendation for current usage – Caveat emptor.

We cannot add to that. The law is very specific in these circumstances.


We, as a supply company, do not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We do not work at weekends nor on any public holiday.


Because of the nature of many of the items we sell, some of which are restricted,  all requests to purchase are manually reviewed. Placing an order and paying via either of the Gateways we accept does not ensure your order will be accepted until a manual review has taken place.


ON HOLD – means that your request to purchase has yet to be manually reviewed for any number of reasons including the possibility that you placed the order at a time when we are closed or your payment has yet to clear.

PROCESSING – We have reviewed your request to purchase and accepted it and are now processing it.

COMPLETED – Your order has been processed and is now awaiting collection by The Royal Mail for onward delivery to the address you registered for delivery. You will receive an email prior to the Royal Mail collection confirming the address you registered for delivery and the tracking code ( if appropriate for your destination) – You should check the delivery address at this point as it is the address you registered at the time of placing your request and should any changes be required, this would be the time to request the changes. After Royal Mail collection no changes can be made.

For full shipping information see…


For full Payment information see…


Your local or domestic delivery service or carrier, no matter where you are in the world, will require you to sign for your parcel upon its delivery. If there is no-one at the delivery address at the time of delivery the local carrier will try again the following day and, if still unsuccessful, a card will be left for you to arrange a suitable time for either delivery or collection. If you ignore the local carrier’s advice your parcel will remain in your dometic carrier’s sorting office for up to two weeks and thereafter may well be disposed of.

Customs forms will be attached to your parcel for those destinations where the law requires it and excise duty, where appropriate, is the responsibility of the purchaser.

We do not accept orders where the purchaser imposes terms and conditions of their own. Terms and conditions for sale are set by the merchant and requests for purchase are evaluated before acceptance.  We do not accept orders that are time or date assigned by the purchaser or demands for shipping outside our contracted terms. Such requests to purchase are declined.


Medicinal or traditional herbs are generally sold in weights and/or multiples of 100. 500. 1000 grams whilst Culinary Herbs tend to also be sold in the same quantities with the additional 50 gram option where appropriate. This is a guide and there are exceptions. Oils are sold in millilitres from 1ml for the rarest and most expensive, up to 100ml dependent upon price and rarity. we do not supply oils in quantities not shown but if you wish to purchase a greater amount than shown please feel free to e-mail us and ask.


Where appropriate these are shown in bold on the website and on labelling. Notifiable allergens are listed below:-

  • Cereals containing gluten, namely: wheat (such as spelt and khorasan wheat), rye, barley, oats
  • Crustaceans for example prawns, crabs, lobster, crayfish
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Peanuts
  • Soybeans
  • Milk (including lactose)
  • Nuts; namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia (or Queensland) nuts
  • Celery (including celeriac)
  • Mustard
  • Sesame
  • Sulphur dioxide/sulphites, where added and at a level above 10mg/kg or 10mg/L in the finished product. This can be used as a preservative in dried fruit
  • Lupin, which includes lupin seeds and flour and can be found in types of bread, pastries and pasta
  • Molluscs like, mussels, whelks, oysters, snails and squid

The nature of our stock means that it comes from almost every part of our planet and we cannot guarantee that it hasn’t been stored or handled with allergens in its country of origin although we take extra special care when handling them. We therefore declare that the products we sell may have been prepared, in their country of origin, in an environment where allergens might have been present.


A Best Before date is a recommendation only and NOT an Expiry Date

Because we do not sell old or rejected herbs and spices (all our stock is grade A premium quality, not extraction grade) we shorten the best before dates from the manufacturer or grower by up to 6 months deliberately so that you can rest assured if you receive stock approaching its best before date – it still has a full 6 months beyond the best before date before you should consider not using it. Best Before dates are a guideline only and do not mean that the item should not be used or is in any way anything other than not at its best beyond that date.

Items despatched are sent in good (microbially checked and certified) condition and it is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser to store those goods in a proper fashion if not using immediately upon receipt. Perishable goods such as herbal material should be transferred and stored in sterilised and sealed airtight containers outside areas of temperature variation (preferably a cool and dark place) which means a kitchen or bathroom or airing cupboard are all unsuitable. Luminescents can accept no liability for improper storage of items purchased and if noticing anything wrong with your purchase upon receipt then the purchaser must notify Luminescents within 10 working days and return the items for laboratory inspection. The items will be replaced or a refund issued if the inspection finds that there is a fault with the product.


Some of the more obscure items for sale, rare and not to be found elsewhere easily, are hand made by villagers in remote parts of the world using traditional methods employed for centuries, and indeed in some cases for millenia, These items are not factory made, of course they are organic, and are not subject to factory based legislation for comestibles within the EU. The EU allows for a small percentage of foreign material to be present in all comestibles simply because it is impossible to guarantee its absence but in the case of ethnically produced rare items, your purchasing of them indicates that you have understood this to be the case and Luminescents accepts no reponsibility for its consequences.


We do not sell herbal supplements or any other branded goods – We are a raw material supplier so if you are looking for branded supplements, vitamin pills and proprietary goods made by large herbal manufacturers – you will not find them here.


Essential oils are not manufactured and, therefore, not standardised, but are distilled or otherwise extracted from plant material from the plants that produce essential oils as they metabolise.  They are natural products with no added ingredients or chemicals.

The chemical constituents that are within the essential oils will vary slightly dependent upon weather conditions, the growing location, soil conditions and precipitation as well as the different harvest seasons. Young oils may be thinner, lighter; their aroma might be stronger whereas mature oils may darken and thicken; their aroma might become richer or more rounded. It is quite normal.

You will see this most notably with the very many lavender oils we stock from the same species but harvested and distilled from different locations as shown in their description. It is true, however, of all essential oils.

Luminescents, as a retailer, not a trade supplier cannot accept liability for these natural differences between batches and will not accept returns because an oil from us might vary slightly from one you have purchased previously either from us or elsewhere  ( it may be a different batch from a different harvest and a different country )

Our products are sold for personal use only and should your intended purchase be one that is involved in the manufacture of another and altogether different product then you MUST have that final product tested for safety and if reliant on a purchase of a Luminescents oil, as a constituent, which is consistent with one you have previously purchased you should enquire from us in the first instance if your order, whatever the size, is from the same batch and harvest before placing the order. No MSDS certification is supplied.

All oils are sold under the express understanding that should the purchaser then choose to blend them with another substance, whether for personal or professional use, the responsibility for the resultant blend is entirely a matter for the purchaser and Luminescents can accept no liability for the outcome of the resultant blend.


Botanicals, Herbal Material, Gums and Resins, & Natural Extracts are not manufactured and, therefore, not standardised, but are harvested from farmed, cultivated, or wild collected stocks. They come from all over the globe and at different times of each year from different growing locations and different growers and suppliers as the seasons change year on year.

Botanicals, Herbal Material, and Gums and Resins are usually, but not always, in cut, kibbled or powdered form because that is the way herbalists, pharmaceutical companies, breweries, perfumers etc. use them and the cutting is treated differently in different countries where some may describe the herb as fine cut which would be classed as rough cut elsewhere.

Luminescents accepts no liability for a change in appearance in any of the above throughout each year as the seasons rotate – it is simply a natural reflection on how different cultures treat the same material.

All herbs are sold under the express understanding that should the purchaser then choose to blend them with another substance, whether for personal or professional use, the responsibility for the resultant blend is entirely a matter for the purchaser and Luminescents can accept no liability for the outcome of the resultant blend. No MSDS certification is supplied.


Our perfume business, Hugonin Perfumery, has now been sold and returned back to France where it began many years ago and is now a private client business.


Tea is a personal passion of ours and every variation or blend we offer is one that we have tried and found to be special enough to recommend. We import teas from merchants opr growers in their country of origin but in some instances will take in stock from reputable UK based tea merchants from whom we have bought for many years.

Most Tea is sold in weights or multiples of 100 grams


The Search Engine on this site is near the top of every page on the right hand side. You will find that you can search by colloquial, Linnaean or traditional names or conditions but be aware that any other product which refers to the product you are looking for may also end up in search results.

The search engine on this site, like all search engines, will only respond to what you input as a search string. It is quite pointless typing in the name of a herb in full, for instance, if you misspell it. HAWTHORN, for example, is spelt as I have shown it in upper case above and not “Hawthorne” with an “e” on the end. If you type in the latter you might have an aborted search result – so – if you have difficulty spelling something then enter a shorter string such as “HAW” and allow the search engine to do its job. Be careful of what you type. Completely daft spellings return competely daft responses and you would be surprised at what is sometimes typed!


We do not supply goods on a Sale or Return basis nor On Approval. If you make a purchase then that purchase stands and no returns will be considered under such terms.


We are a specialist retailer not a wholesaler or a trade supplier but should you wish to purchase larger quantities of any herbal material then please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to quote a good price for you but the minimum order value must be for 1 kilo of each item subject to a minimum order of 10 kilos in total. IF MSDS certification is required then you MUST ask if it is available at the time of your enquiry. We cannot supply it months after delivery ( or in the case of one applicant three years later!) All wholesale purchases will be bought in for you and not taken from existing stock. You will be advised of lead times.

We can not extend this offer to oils, perfumes, soaps  and body products


Virtually every country on the globe is represented within our stock as a source and suppliers and growers have been researched and carefully cultivated over a number of decades. As, in some cases, the sole or principal suppliers of many oils and herbs our sources are protected and a matter of commercial confidentiality and sensitivity and will not be disclosed to the general public.


This website is a Retail website, not a trade website and the goods on sale are retailed for personal use only. Please do not ask us to provide you with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) certification or a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)- We are not a wholesale supplier nor a manufacturer. Retailers do not have such certification nor are they required to – Only B2B enquiries may ask for such certification which MUST be requested at the time of placing any herbal material order which is a private transaction and is subject to a minimum quantity of 1 kilo of each item being ordered with the minimum order total being 10 kilos in all. (see wholesale above)

If you are ordering a product from this website in order to manufacture goods for forward sale rather than personal use and where such certification is a requirement of the order (only for raw traditional herbal material and excludes gums, resins, culinary herbs, spices, oils, teas, cosmetic ingredients, raw materials (other than herbal) and finished products and only in the case of B2B supplies and subject to minimum order requirements as above) you should abort your order.

No certification, if available, will be supplied until an order is placed and paid for. No B2B enquiries will be considered for any products other than raw traditional herbal material as specified.

If you are intending to purchase an ingredient from Luminescents for use in a product you are creating for forward sale, it is important for you to understand that you MUST have your final product tested by an approved lab for safety. No COFA or MSDS certification will cover you for this nor stability or microbial testing and neither certificates are a requirement for testing.   It is not true that most suppliers will willingly supply such certification free and readily on small retail quantities. In many instances such certification is obtained fraudulently and proliferates fraudulently throughout the supply chain as we have found to our cost.

Luminescents will not be held liable for orders placed or executed and delivered where certification is requested after the placement of the order or despatch or receipt of the goods.


Small paid for samples are available for Body Sprays and Colognes only through this retail website. They are not available for any oils or herbs and spices. We are not a trade or wholesale and sell our goods in the sizes quoted. Please don’t ask for samples or sizes that are not shown as available as we simply cannot supply them.

Only three samples per household for those items shown to have samples will be considered when accompanying an order for other items. Any orders for a greater quantity of samplers or orders for samplers alone may be rejected as a whole and a refund authorised for any payment made.

Orders for products accompanied by an expectation, request or more frequently nowadays, a demand for samples, free or otherwise, for any items for which samples are not shown to be available will be declined.


We receive at least three e mails every day from all over the world begging for free items or contributions to support what is termed as local causes. Local causes are those which are local to our business and not local to the individual begging for support. We support our own charities which are, you might think quite naturally, those that have some relevance to what we do. We don’t make a song and dance about it and we will ignore any e-mails begging for free items.  Please don’t embarrass yourself by asking.

System Messages:-

System messages (notification of despatch, advisement of tracking information, responses to questions) are all sent from an unmonitored email address which clearly states not to reply and explains why whilst also pointing to a contact us link ( the contact us page  ) within the body of the email. Why? Because we protect yours and our email by forcing the use of an encrypted communication, which limits damaging spam, scams etc. This is quite normal and employed by most professional websites in order to protect  customer information and email servers.


We do not publish a printed catalogue – the cost is prohibitive and we provide far more UP TO DATE detailed information on all our products on this website than similar sites with a smaller range. This website IS our catalogue. Please don’t ask us to mail you a copy of something we will probably never have printed. We have far too much respect for our planet and its natural resources to fund any more exploitation of our trees by the needless printing of a catalogue when we live in an ever increasingly paperless and electronic world. To request a printed catalogue, in our opinion, from this company is to fundametally misunderstand the medium being used to request it.


No part of this website may be copied or reproduced, in whole, or in part, nor is any release or permission given other than the display of these pages on a monitor screen. All rights reserved.

Every effort has been made to ascertain, identify, license the use of, and obtain permission for any non original material, whether text, graphic or photographic in nature, used on this and any other Moonshine group site.

If you believe that there is material which is infringing copyright then you MUST communicate your concern to the webmaster at Moonshine Group in the first instance at webmaster@Luminescents.co.uk who will do his utmost to resolve the situation.

Any alleged infringement of copyright will require proof of ownership of the disputed material , however any image or text being questioned might be removed whilst investigation in undertaken. Any material not obviously shown to have copyright ownership will be considered to be in the public domain or will have been licensed for use. Moonshine Group and all of its subsidiaries will accept no responsibility for its inclusion on any site although will treat any submission seriously.

All photos of products ( as opposed to artistic botanical images ) are taken by the proprietors who claim copyright. They are photos of the stock we hold. DO NOT ask for a copy of the photo nor a photo of the stock to be taken just for you – it is a well known ruse used by fraudsters in order to get round copyright law which is strict and enforceable. Stealing copyright is a criminal offense punishable in law all over the globe and WILL result in your being fined as much as the equivalenyt of £10,000 per infringement and acquiring a criminal record. Such a record WILL blight your entire life. You wouldn’t ask Amazon to do it or any other website of note – don’t ask us and don’t complain if you do and the demand (for that is always what it is never a request)  is refused. It is a matter of complete indifference to us if you are offended by the refusal – you have no right of expection in the first instance. Such instances will always be reported and you will be barred. The UK is particularly hot on stamping out internet fraud, particularly copyright infringements and will always prosecute.


The system creates an invoice when you place your order which is always enclosed with your package upon despatch. Please check your parcel’s contents carefully – throwing away the invoice/receipt does not necessarily entitle you to receive a copy free of charge. If you require another copy or more detailed copy then contact us using the contact us page quoting the order details within 30 days of receipt of your order.

Some small businesses have an odd idea of what an invoice is. The dictionary definition is…

“a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these”

As you will have paid for your goods upon ordering, your invoice is, in fact, also a receipt.

Both are perfectly acceptable in accounting terms for business and tax return.


We will consider taking back goods only if they have arrived damaged ( for which, in common with many other companies, we require photographic evidence) or if wrongly described in some way. We will not accept returns on hand made or special orders or for any item opened or ordered only to evaluate. Any items must be returned after agreement in the same fashion and using the same method they were despatched and must still be unused and sealed.

We will not accept goods back after despatch with requests to forward to a different address. Once received to the address you registered for delivery then it is your responsibility, should you wish to forward the consignment, to arrange that despatch.

At all times, unless otherwise and previously agreed, the cost of return is the purchasers responsibility.


There are some products which cannot by law, be despatched overseas from the UK for any number of reasons which might include export or import bans, hazardous materials as ingredients etc. We will inform you when you place your order if this applies to your order and destination.


If you have a query about your package delivery you must raise this with Luminescents within three months of the despatch notification provided, no matter where in the World you may be located, and no later. Luminescents cannot be held liable from three months onwards for queries and notification of non receipt. We hold records for only three months and insurance is only valid for that period of time.