indica origine

Indica Origine Cologne


A deep earthy cologne, typically neither aimed at the female or the Male.

Layers of Patchouli, East Indian Sandalwood, Bois de Rose, Cistus and Black Pepper

Supplied in a 200ml cobalt blue round boston glass bottle with removeable atomiser so you can fill up a smaller container to carry around with you


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Our Indica Collection is neither aimed at the Male or Female but is redolent with the fragrances, the heat and aromas of India; deep heady and earthy tones blended with grasses, and exotic rare woods. They are all simply exclusive, exquisite fragrances available only from us – hand made to order using natural ingredients without harsh chemicals.

Choose to have a small sampler sent you for evaluation purposes if you are not familiar with this fragrance.

Also Available in a Moisturising Body Lotion, Body Oil and Water Dispersible, non foaming Bath Oil

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