orange blossom

Orange Blossom – Citrus sinensis


Orange Blossom

Citrus sinensis

50 grams

Orange Blossom (Citrus sinensis)  is the very fragrant flower of the Citrus sinensis tree (the sweet orange) It has numerous uses from perfume to culinary and has been long associated with being an aphrodisiac.

It has been associated with good fortune and as a result has been included in many a bridal bouquet as a result.

It is the state flower of Florida

Both common and official names are derived from the Sanskrit nagaranga through the Arabic naranj.

Orange Blossom Honey is highly prized and is recognisably orangey in flavour. It is made by placing the bee hives near the blossoming trees at the right time and the added benefit, of course, is that the bees will pollinate the seeded trees.

Medicinal Uses for Orange Blossom (Citrus sinensis) :-

Orange Blossom is used in an infusion to be drunk as a mild nervous stimulant. Like Jasmine infusions it is literally a pinch of the blossom (the more you use the stronger the infusion) steeped for a few minutes in boiled water. Let the water settle ( stop bubbling before you pour it otherwise you will scald the blossom ) and always use freshly boiled water rather any water in the kettle that has previously boiled.

The blossom is used in the preparation of edible orange-flower water, which may be employed as a vehicle for the administration of medicines. It is slightly stimulant to the nervous system and is said to have proved beneficial in chorea, hysteria, epilepsy, and many other nervous disorders.

The blossom is pretty, imparts a fine fragrance and is very often used to add visual effect and flavour to other herbal concoctions.

Many people use it as a room freshener and the easiest way is to pour some into a bowl of steaming water and leave the bowl in the room you wish to fragrance – it is surprisingly penetrating and will infuse your room thoroughly

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