Shaqaqul Mishri Root – Wild Parsnip – Pastinaca sativa


Shaqaqul Mishri Root

Also known as Satali, Sawali, Dudhali and Wild Parsnip

Pastinaca sativa

50 grams

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Shaqaqul Mishri (Pastinaca sativa) is also known as Satali, Sawali, Dudhali and Wild Parsnip.

It contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including dietary fiber, folate, potassium and vitamin C. Parsnips are sweet, succulent underground taproots, belong to the same plant family as celery, parsley and carrots.

Traditional Uses for Shaqaqul Mishri:-

The dried roots are commonly made into a strong tea and used for its vitamin and mineral content but some people are hypersensitive when handling it fresh so decocting a tea from its dried roots is much easier and less of an issue .

In the Far East, elaborate claims are made for its efficacy in dealing with a multitude of medical conditions, however, this editor would advise to take those claims with a large pinch of saltasthere is no evidence whatsoever that this herb will do anything other than provide its mineral and vitamin content


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50 grams