We sell a huge range of pure natural essential oils, many organic, all ethically produced, to the perfume industry, aromatherapists, practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, catering and medicinal manufacturers. Most essential oils have attributes other than their fragrance and as an international company we sell oils under all the names they are known by in their respective countries of interest so there may be many listed you have never heard of before. All are classified by their colloquial or traditional names as well as their Linnaean classification.

All our essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic and pharmaceutical grade (with no additives of any kind) and have been extracted using the traditional Steam Distillation, the more modern Carbon Dioxide extraction or Cold Pressing where appropriate.

We specialise in hard to find or rare natural essential oils as well as many oils of the same species. For instance there are many different Lavenders, Cedarwoods and Eucalypts. Many oils are so rare that they may not be in stock all the time as they are often manufactured to order by purchasing a future crop of the plant from which they are extracted which, in many instances, is not farmed or cultivated at all but wild collected.

Oils are listed alphabetically in order but if you wish to jump to an oil name beginning with a particular letter then use the “All Oils” Option in the oils menu.