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Cobalt Blue Cologne


A clean and crisp masculine fragrance in the Cobalt range but with spicier base notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Coumarin from Tonquin, mid notes of Mango and Sage and top notes of Tangerine, Artemisia and Lemon

Supplied in a 200ml cobalt blue round boston glass bottle with removeable atomiser so you can fill up a smaller container to carry around with you


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Our Clean, Green and Crisp Collection is neither aimed at the Male or Female but is worn by both sexes in equal measure, Aromas of Water, Fern, Ivy, Ozone and fresh rainfall are all familiar descriptions of these fragrances

Choose to have a small sampler sent you for evaluation purposes if you are not familiar with this fragrance.

Also Available in a Moisturising Body Lotion, Body Oil and Water Dispersible, non foaming Bath Oil

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