Sandalwood Powder Yellow – Santalum album



Yellow Sandalwood Powder

Santalum album

25 grams

Sandalwood powder is a fragrant material that is usually used as a base for incense mixtures or more selectively by burning alone. It can also be used to make luxury body powders, creams many cosmetics. It has antidepressant effects and can enhance meditation.

This is a by product of the management of Santalum album plantations and therefore sustainably sourced but is always in short supply.

This is the finest Sandalwood and is on the CITES register of endangered species which means that it can only legally be purchased at Government auctions in Mysore, India, one of the principal growing regions.  Anything else has probably been poached or obtained illegaly.

Do not confuse it with Red Sandalwood which has no fragrance at all and is used for entiely different purposes and is from ma completely different species,  Pterocarpus santalinus

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