Coarse Cut Lime Peel – Citrus aurantifolia


Coarse Cut Lime Peel

Citrus aurantifolia

100 grams

Coarse Cut Lime Peel (Citrus aurantifolia) is often used in culinary creations (especially herbal tea) to add or enhance flavour or add flavour but is also used in many cosmetic preparations. Not to be confused with the outer “zest” of the rind, this is the entire peel cut coarsely. The peel tends to soften when used in cooking or in baking leaving its characteristic flavour behind it but is robust enough to remain present.

Culinary and Medicinal Uses for Coarse Cut Lime Peel:-

It is used in some cultures to deal with cardiac issues, acne, cholesterol, scurvy, and many more. The Calcium in the rind helps to maintain strong and healthy bones which need a reliable amount of calcium, and lime rind consists of calcium as well as vitamin C. Consumption of lime peel has proved to be helpful in manage various disorders like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures in the bone, inflammatory polyarthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Vitamin C deficiency is known to lead to various dental and gum problems like scurvy, bleeding gums, and gingivitis. Lime peel is rich in citric acid which helps to prevens such teeth and gums related problems. Sailors used to carry limes with them on long voyages so that they didnlt ‘t end up getting scurvy because of vitamin C deficiency and is the reason a nickname in Australia for people who come from the UK is “Limey”

Being highly astringent, the peel is used in cosmetic preparations that treat acne and oily skin conditions.

It is used extensively in Middle Eastern chutneys as a souring agent and can be used instead of Tamarind or Mango Powder (Amchoor) if they prove difficult to obtain, however, it remains in the final dish rather than disappearing as the powder does

Ancient Chinese medicine used Lime Peel as a treatment for colic (rather like their use of Orange Peel) and today it is often added to drinks to add a fruity fizziness. It is used to add flavour to tea, herbal or otherwise as well as its diverse and distinctive vitamin content.

Constituents of Coarse Cut Lime Peel:-

It consists of essential enzymes, vitamins, and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin P, calcium, potassium, fibre, limonene, citric acid, polyphenol flavonoids, and salvestrol Q40, which makes this fruit rind a must for a healthy body and mind.

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