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Linden Bark – Tilia cordata – Lime Tree Bark


Linden Bark Cut

Tilia cordata

Also known as Tilia, Lime Tree and in China as Mei Chi Duàn

50 grams


Linden Bark (Tilia cordata) rom the tree is found growing naturally in Europe and Great Britain. The plant develops flower stalks with each bearing about 3 to 6 yellowish white flowers with 5 petals. They should be harvested immediately after flowering in midsummer. The leaves of this tree are heart-shaped with a pale grey colour underneath.

It is also known as Tilia, Lime Tree and in China as Mei Chi Duàn

Medicinal Uses of Linden Bark:-

Linden wood is used for liver disease and gallbladder disease, and for infection and swelling beneath the skin (cellulitis). Charcoal made from linden wood is used for intestinal disorders.

It is used to reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. It has a sedative and muscle relaxant effect making it useful for migraine, hysteria and other nervous tension problems. It has a diaphoretic (promotes sweating) effect and is useful for people who are suffering from a cold with a fever.

Bees are highly attracted to the extremely fragrant, minute flowers and produce a delicious honey as a result on their feeding off the nectar from this tree.

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