Chaparral Leaf (Powder) – Larrea tridentata


Chaparral Leaf (Powder)

Larrea tridentata

Also known as Creosote Bush, Greasewood, Hediondilla, or Shegoi 

50 grams

Chaparral Leaf  is sometimes known as the Creosote Bush, Greasewood, Hediondilla, or Shegoi  and is a native plant to the deserts of Northern Mexico and the South Western USA. It is wild gathered and rare – approaching endangered in some parts of the USA as it is often taken from the wild by unskilled collectors who take all that they can find rather than use the 1 in 20 method which sustains the local plant population.

We only stock Chaparral Leaf using sustainable collection methods as we do with all our rare and endangered species stock.

Components & Uses of Chaparral Leaf Powder:-

The plant contains lignans that are considered to be similar to Oestrogen. Applied to the skin, Chaparral is said to have a ready and noticeable healing effect on eczema, herpes, cold sores, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis.

The herb is generally made into a tincture for the purpose of making a cream from it or as an infused oil which is then emulsified to make a cream for application. The reason for this is because the components in the plant are not easily dissolvabe in water but much more so in alcohol.

Chaparral is one the oldest static evolving living plants we have on our world – It is largely unchanged since aeons ago. It has a long history of practical use

First Nationals (the new term for The American Indians) of the Southwestern USA have used this plant for many centuries – for everything from the internal treatment of tumors and liver diseases to topical skin treatments, including sunscreen for themselves and their animals.

The major traditional use of Chaparral in Mexican and other Latin American herbalism is as a bath or liniment to relieve the inflammation and pain of arthritis, sometimes in combination with the herb Osha.

Chaparral leaf should be used cautiously. Internal use is not recommended unless under the guidance of a trained herbalist or qualified medical professional

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