Deers Tongue Cut (Wild) – Liatris odoratissima


Deers Tongue Cut

Liatris odoratissima

Also known as Vanilla Leaf. Wild Vanilla & Trilissia odorata

25 grams


The Botanical Name for Deers Tongue is Liatris odoratissima and it is often known as Vanilla Leaf. Wild Vanilla & Trilissia odorata.

Traditional Uses of Deers Tongue:-

Its attributes are as a Demulcent, Febrifuge, and Diaphoretic.

The plant has been used for some medicinal purposes. A warm, bitter drink prepared from the leaves of Deers Tongue is said to be effective in reducing fevers, soothing irritated mucous membranes and cleansing the blood, by promoting perspiration.

It has many spiritual connections with all sorts of people who believe that carrying the herb on their person promotes good luck and, in particular, makes their speech clear and comprehensive, eloquent and concise. Of course this is purely a matter of folklore but the aroma of the herb when subjected to body heat makes a very pleasing scent and is likely to promote attention to the wearer.

Deers Tongue  leaves were once used and to a small extent still are used to flavour tobacco. Their perfume is largely due to Coumarin, which can be seen in crystals on the upper side of the smooth spatulate leaves. Most of the species are used medicinally. Sadly modern times and progress means that artificiual ingredients are more commonly used today to flavour tobacco ( and all manner of traditional items) so Deers Tongue is only found in the best stockists and most traditionally made tobacco flavourings these days.

It is very rare to find this exceptionally aromatic herb in its whole leaf raw form these days and it is very difficult for us to obtain which means that when we are out of stock of it – it can take some months befre taining any new stock and of course, the price reflects its rarity.

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