Cascarilla Bark - Croton tiglia

Cascarilla Bark Essential Oil – Croton eluteria -100% Pure


BOTANICAL NAME: Croton eluteria

SCENT: Cascarilla Bark  essential oil has a spicy peppery, aroma with a hint of cinnamon



METHOD OF PRODUCTION:- Steam Distillation

ORIGIN: Central America

COLOUR: Cascarilla Bark  essential oil has a colourless to pale yellow hue


NOTE: Middle

Croton eluteria  from which Cascarilla Bark essential oil is obtained is also known as Sweetwood Bark. Sweet Bark. Bahama Cascarilla. Elutheria. Clutia Eleuteria. Cascarillae Cortex. Cortex Thuris. Aromatic Quinquina. False Quinquina.

The shrub is native to the Caribbean. It has now been naturalised in many other tropical regions of Central and South America and grows to be a smallish tree or perhaps better described as a small shrub rarely getting above 20 feet or so. It has an essential oil which is obtained from the bark which is also called Croton.

Reported Attributes of Cascarilla Bark Essential Oil:-

Traditional and Emotional uses reportedly include:-

The essential oil is used in high end aromatic oriental style men’s designated perfumes and is also used as a flavouring.

Constituents of Cascarilla Bark Essential Oil:-

Cascarilla bark contains anywhere between 1% and 3% volatile oils, a unique series of diterpenoid compounds called Cascarillins, lignins, tannin, and resins. There are also a long list of aromatic terpene and diterpene compounds, including pinene, vanillin, d-limonene, and thujene

Cascarilla Bark Essential Oil Blends Well With:-

Nutmeg, All the Pepper family, Pimento Berry, Sage Dalmation, Oakmoss, Vetivert


The name Croton comes from the Greek word meaning ‘a tick,’ and Eleuteria from the name of one of the Bahamian Islands, Eleuthera, near Providence Island.

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