Linaloe Berry Essential Oil – Bursera delpechiana


BOTANICAL NAME: Bursera delpechiana

SCENT: Linaloe Berry essential oil has a fresh, moderately citrus aroma with faint floral notes. It has faint notes like lavender with a touch of bergamot



EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation.



NOTE: Middle

Bursera delpechiana from which Linaloe Berry Essential Oil is distilled is also known as Mexican Linaloe Tree, Indian Lavender, and Tree of Fragrance. As a native tree to Mexico, and South America, this tree was introduced to India from there in plantations at the beginning of the 20th century to exploit its essential oil potential. It has been a slow process and the oil is very little known outside India.

Traditional Uses for Linaloe Berry Essential Oil:-

Linaloe Berry Essential Oil is credited with being an anti inflammatory being good for minor sports injuries or bruising and grazes. It is a good respiratory aid and when combined with Lavender helps to promote good and restful sleep. It is a good oil to vapourise with cases of sinus infection.

Linaloe Berry Essential Oil Blends Well With:-

Almost everyone says that the oil blends well with Bergamot Mint and  Lavender but we also think that it blends well with Bergamot itself and all the Tea Tree oils plus vanilla and Sandalwood, Copaiba balsam and Peru Balsam, Orange, Chamomile, Patchouli, Yuzu, Plai and Ginger

History of Linaloe Berry:-

The Bursera genus is named after Joachim Burser who was a famous Danish botanist (1583-1639) and has around 100 described species  of flowering tres and shrubs varying in size up to 25 metres. They are native to the Americas both North and South in tropical and warm temperate forest situations and habitats.


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