nerolina essential oil label

Nerolina Essential Oil-Malaleuca quinquenervia


BOTANICAL NAME: Malaleuca quinquenervia

SCENT: Nerolina essential oil has a clean, mildly woody scent with distinctive lavender and lilac notes.


PLANT PART USED: Leaves and Twigs

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation.

ORIGIN: Australia

COLOUR: Nerolina essential oil is clear with a slight hint of orange


NOTE: Middle

Nerolina is native to Australia and is wild harvested though plantations are being developed. It contains linalool and nerolidol, and the tree is viewed as probably the sweetest smelling of all the Tea trees. It is also known as Broad Leaf Paperbark or Punk Tree.

Reported Attributes of Nerolina Essential Oil:

Nerolina Australian essential oil is a valuable blending oil with the ability to ‘lift’ ordinary aromas with small additions to the compound. In cosmetics and perfumery. It can save a lot of money as it can be successfully used as a replacement for the top grade French lavenders (Lavandula Angustifolia). It is also reputed to be useful for relief of staph infections, shingles, allergies and bronchitis.

It is has a very strong flavour and can be candied very easily. Honey derived from its pollen by bees is not highly regarded but is nevertheless popular in Australia.

Blends Well With:

Lavandin, Lavender, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Oak Moss, Pine, Cananga, Geranium, Marjoram and spice oils – particularly Clove and Nutmeg.


Like Australian Niaouli, Nerolina is extracted from the leaves and twigs of a selected chemotype of the tree by steam distillation. Equal parts of linalool and nerolidol give this oil very distinctive lavender and lilac notes with a clean, mildly woody aroma.

It has been classified as a noxious and invasive weed in some parts of the Southern United States of America, notably Florida and the Carolinas, where it has been introduced.

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