Tasmanian Pepper Essential Oil-Tasmannia lanceolata


BOTANICAL NAME: Tasmannia lanceolata

SCENT: Tasmanian Pepper Essential Oil has a pungent and resinous with slightly bitter tone



ORIGIN: Australia

COLOUR: Tasmanian Pepper Essential Oil is yellowish green in hue


NOTE: Top to middle

Tasmannia lanceolata from which this wild crafted Tasmanian Pepper Essential Oil is distilled is also known as Mountain Pepper, Tasmanian Pepperberry or, in the UK, as Cornish Pepper Leaf

It is is a woodland shrub native to temperate rainforest in SE Australia and has highly aromatic leaves. It has very red stems and small white or cream coloured flowers followed by black two lobed berries in the autumn. There are separate Male and Female plants.

Traditional Uses for Tasmanian Pepper Essential Oil:-

The essential oil has strong anti microbial attributes and is used against food spoilage organisms and it very active an antioxidant. It is antibacterial and antifungal.

The leaf and berry are both used as a spice typically dried and the berries were once used a substitute for pepper during the colonial period.  More recently, it has become popular as a condiment for bushfood.  It can be added to curries, cheeses, and alcoholic beverages. It is exported to Japan to flavour Wasabi.

The berries are sweet at first with a peppery aftertaste.

History of Tasmanian Pepper :-

Mountain pepper is one of a number of native Australian herbs and food species being supported by the Australian Native Food Industry Ltd, which brings together producers of food species from all parts of Australia.

It can be grown as a garden ornamental and its berries do attract birds. It can be easily propagated from cuttings or grown from seed but needs acidic soil conditions.

Garden cultivars include ‘Mt. Wellington’, a compact plant with coppery new growth, and ‘Suzette’, a variegated cultivar.

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