Rose Indicum Imperial Perfume Oil


Strength of Aroma: Strong

Consistency: Medium

Grade: Premium Grade Cosmetic

Suitable uses: Perfume, Hair Care, Skin Care

Alternative uses: Candle fragrance, Oil Vapouriser

Note: Middle

Rose Indicum Imperial Perfume Oil is specifically formulated to be suitable and perfectly safe to use in perfumes, soaps, candles, and both skin & hair care items. The designer perfume industry almost exclusively uses a variety of synthetic oils for their fragrance combinations and this is one of their staples.

Rose Indicum Imperial Perfume Oil is a heady floral musk rose fragrance from India (hence its indicum soubriquet) typically popular right from the height of the Raj to just after independence. In the late 1940’s many perfume houses (started principally by Chanel) moved towards synthetically produced oils for use in perfume and the fashion moved slowly away from floral heady perfumes to crisp, green cologne types ( although this has been reversed several times in the intervening years) Fashions come and go after all. This is a perennial favourite in our opinion as it has always maintained a popularity of sorts amongst those die hard floral fans and its one of the best rose fragrances

These oils are cosmetic grade perfume oils used by the perfume industry for just such a purpose. The scents are extremely rich, complex, long lasting and true to their form.

All our Perfume Oils are produced with the latest technical equipment including mass spectroscopy, gas chromatography, simulated critical fluid extraction, and rotary vapour extraction methods.

They are used extensively in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries and are now available for you to use at home in your own creations or just simply to enjoy as they are.

Try using them in an oil burner or vapouriser to scent your home or, to test them out, dab a little of the oil on a cotton wool ball and wipe that over a light bulb in a sidelamp and then turn the lamp on. You’ll get an intensive fragrance filling your room within seconds as the light bulb heats up and you have the added bonus of getting a clean light bulb in the process!

If you use unscented bodycare products these oils are perfect for adding fragrance to your own design and safe enough to use directly on your skin – to fragrance yourself!

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