Our Curry Blends are a traditional range of individual spices, finely ground and mixed by us to our own particular recipe. There are a million variations on each recipe throughout the world, some with many more ingredients than others and some with variable quantities of the different ingredients.

Our range of curry blends is personal, traditional and learnt through our years in India where we worked for so long.

Not all curry blends are of Indian origin, of course, so you will find some blends here that we experienced and learnt about on our various travels. We have an accumulated work and travel experience in India, Bangladesh, The Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal, and Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. – It all adds up to quite a range of knowledge and experience between us that we put into our spice blends to add authenticity and to share some of our personal culinary experiences.

Our World Spice Blend section covers some of the more esoteric blends we have come across. You can find it here

World Spice Blends