Bergamot Liquid Castile Soap

Bergamot Liquid Castile Soap


supplied in 200ml round blue boston glass bottle with a pump dispenser

Botanical Liquid Castile Soaps are formulated to be gentle and cleansing for all over body use with only the finest natural essential oils and absolutes, resins, hydrolates and gums in a blend of  Purified water, Potassium Oleate: Potassium Cocoate: Potassium Citrate: Potassium Palm Kernelate: Palm Kernel Acid: Glycerin: Citric Acid. (All Palm products are from sustainable sources and the soap itself is certified organic whilst the essential oils might not be)

These botanical Liquid Castile Soaps have been developed for adults but are safe to use with children above the age of around 8 years. They are used as bath and shower gels (but not bath foams – unless you like a low foam bath ) and are even safe enough for occasional use as shampoo

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Citrus bergamia Sicilia and Calabria – Possibly one of the most popular of all the citrus based fragrancies, used in countless perfumes and colognes, fresh and clean with the slightest hint of spice

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