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Formosa Oolong


Formosa Oolong

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Formosa Oolong is a large leaf semi-fermented tea with a very pleasant flavour and superb aroma.

Most of the teas produced by the island of Taiwan (formerly Formosa) are Oolongs, although as you will see from my favourites shown, green teas, black teas and lightly fermented Pouchongs are also available. Most gardens are situated in the north of the country around T’ai-pei at elevations below 1,000 feet

Taiwan is famous for its tea production which are of three main types: Formosa Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Green Tea.

The earliest record of tea trees found in Taiwan can be traced back to 1717 in Shui Sha Lian which is present day Yuchi and Puli in Nantou county. Man of the teas from Taiwan retain the island’s former name, Formosa.

Oolongs grown in Taiwan account for about 20% of world production. They are produced through a unique process including withering the plant under the strong sun and allowing oxidisation to take place before the curling and twisting which is doen buy hand.

Most Oolong teas, especially those of fine quality, involve unique tea plant cultivars that are used exclusively for particular varieties of the final tea. The degree of oxidation can range from 8 to 85%, depending on the variety and production style. Oolong is especially popular with tea connoisseurs of south China and Chinese expatriates in Southeast Asia,as is the Fujian preparation process known as the Gongfu tea ceremony.

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