Siberian Cedar Resin (Pinus sibirica)


Siberian Cedar Lump Resin

Pinus sibirica

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Siberian Cedar Resin, like all tree resins, is exuded from the bark of the Pinus sibirica tree when it has been damaged. The sap exuded seals the wound the tree has suffered, protects it from virus, fungal, bacterial and microbial invasion and hardens to create a kind of “scab” or solid which contains 15-20% essential oils, containing pinene, citrene, vitamins C and D, Cedar Resin contains 0.1-0.5% of fatty acids, succinic acid. It is this solid which is then collected from the tree and regarded favourably by humans for many purposes, not least incense but it can be mixed with food oil or for the preparation of what is termed Turpentine Balm (between 10% and 30% of Cedar Resin to between 70% and 90% of oil used for food)

Traditional Uses for Siberian Cedar Resin:-

Siberian Cedar Resin can be used as a chewing gum to which its traditional use testifies. It being an entirely natural non hazardous product, it is quite safe to use even if accidentally swallowed. You do need to warmn it in the mouth for a while first though as its not that soft naturally. It cleans the teeth and help promote the gums to grip the teeth by tightening up the membranous tissue of the gums. It is especially useful for smokers and those who have receding gums which can be the result of smoking or poor dental hygiene but also maturity.

It is most often used in incense either by itself or as a binder for other botanicals.



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