Cang Er Zi (Fruit Buds) – Chinese Cocklebur – Xanthium sibiricum


Cang Er Zi Fruit Buds

Xanthium sibiricum

Also known as Chinese Cocklebur

50 grams


Cang Er Zi ( Xanthium sibiricum) ia also known as Chinese Cocklebur and is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that benefits the nasal passage and dispels wind dampness.

The Xanthium Fruit is a medicinal herb from the flowering plant called Cocklebur (Xanthium) which is a member of the daisy family and is native to Asia and the Americas.  The spines and seeds of the cocklebur fruit contain a toxic chemical called carboxyatractyloside.  When Xanthium Fruit is prepared for medicinal use the spines are removed from the bur and often stir-fried to reduce the amount of carboxyatractyloside in the herb.

Traditional Uses for Cang Er Zi :-

The dried ripe fruits of Xanthium sibiricum Cang Er Zi (Xanthium sibiricum ) are used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of nasal congestion, nasal discharge, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and wind-cold headaches. It is also reputed to lower blood sugar, and alleviates pain.  It is commonly used for sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, headaches, rheumatism, eczema, scabies, and leprosy.

Xanthium Fruit can be used to make a tea, decoction, or tincture.



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