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Olive leaf is the leaf from the Olea europaea tree.  Olive Oil is very well known for both its flavour and its astounding health benefits, the leaf has been used medicinally for centuries. Olive leaf and olive leaf extracts (OLE), are now marketed as for all sorts of health issues such as being an antioxidant, an anti inflammatory and an anti biotic.

Great claims are made for its cardio vascular benefits and it is generally regarded as anti aging – there is no conclusive evdence however.

Traditional Uses and Constituents of Olive Leaf:-

Olive Leaf (Olea europaea) is an antiseptic astringent herb that lowers fever and blood pressure, improves kidney function and has a calming effect.

An infusion made from the leaf is surprisingly mild tasting and requires a little longer to brew than other herbal infusions – a good 8 minutes or so is my recommendation. It is like a light green tea.

The leaves contain secoiridoids – including oleuropein, as well as ligustroside and oleacein. It further contains triterpenoids (oleanolic acid and uvaol), sterols, flavonoids (chrysoeriol, apigenin and luteolin glycosides) and various other phenolic acids.

It is used for a variety of ailments and it is well known that the oleuropein lowers blood pressure by increasing coronary flow. A recent study has also shown that oleacein inhibits the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). The powerful antioxidant effect of olive leaf extract also protect the heart and circulatory system from free radical damage.

It is believed by many to help with the following ailments:-

The extract is very beneficial for treating conditions caused by viruses, retrovirus, bacteria, as well as protozoa.

It interferes with the critical amino acid production of viruses and may inactivate the virus by virus budding or assembly. It can also penetrate the cells and stop viral replication.

It is effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, fungi and yeast strains and stops the production of micro-toxins, which contribute to chronic fatigue.

People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have reported a radical improvement when taking olive leaf extract internally and report more energy and a better sense of wellbeing.

Olive leaf extract improves candida infections and the resultant vaginal discharge, psoriasis, PMS, weight problems, headaches and all other symptoms that coincide with yeast infections.

People struggling with the Epstein Barr virus have also reported dramatic improvement.

The bark alone is sometimes used to treat colic.

If taken as an infusion ptisane it is wise to drink plenty of water in addition to help flush the toxins from the body.

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