Babchi Seeds – Bu Gu Zhi – Psoralea corylifolia


50 grams

Babchi Seeds

Botanical Name Psoralea corylifolia

Plant Part Used Seeds


Babchi as it is known in India and Bu Gu Zhi in China (Psoralea corylifolia) is a well recorded Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal herb. It it a legume and it is a small, erect, annual herb growing up to 60–120 cm in height throughout sandy, loamy plains of Central and East India  and parts of China.

Constituents and Uses of Babchi :-

The seeds contain the flavanoids neobavaisoflavone, isobavachalcone,bavachinin, bavachin, corylin, corylifolin, and 6-renyInaringenin and the Coumarins psoralidin, psoralen, isopsoralen and angelicin an the mereternes, bakuchiol and 3-hydroxybakuchiol

The seeds from the plant have the most use in medicinal terms but oil from the seeds, the roots and the leaves of the plant have all been employed in some form of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine at various points.

In Indian Ayurvedec discipline and Chinese medicine the seeds are used to help tone the kidneys, particularly kidney yang and essence. It is used for helping the healing bone fractures for lower back and knee pain, impotence, bed wetting, hair loss, and vitiligo. It is probably best known for its aid in skin conditions, most commonly for psoriasis but has historically been used in cases of leukodermia and leprosy (but to what effect this editor can find no evidence)


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