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Lantana Essential Oil-Lantana camara


BOTANICAL NAME: Lantana camara

SCENT: Lantana Essential Oil has strong aroma reminiscent of sage dalmation



EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation.

ORIGIN: Madagascar

COLOUR: Lantana Essential Oil is pale yellow in hue



Lantana is a shrub like plant that may grow anything up to 45 centimetres high. It has opposite; round leaves and flowers borne in flat-topped clusters. The flower colour (which varies in different areas) may be white, yellow, orange, pink, or red. It has a dark blue or black berry like fruit. It belongs to the Verbena family.It is now considered an invasive species as it out competes many other plants where it was once introduced as a garden specimen.

Traditional Attributes of Lantana Essential Oil:

Traditional and reported uses for the oil include:-

Lantana is known to be anti viral and may help with bronchitis and asthma as a result. The essential oil is obtainable from the leaves of this plant but there are doubts about its safety as it is said to be fatal to cattle. There is some limited use of the leaf oil in Indian ethnic medicine, to treat itchy skin conditions and as an antiseptic for minor skin traumas.

Lantana Essential Oil Blends Well With:-

There are none documented


This endemic species is resistant to drought and fire and is found in abundance in the central highland and the central eastern hills of Madagascar at 800 m altitude. It is also known as Big-Sage in Malaysia  Wild-Sage, Red-Sage, White-Sage in the Caribbean and  Tickberry  throughout South Africa.

CAUTIONS:Use well diluted. May cause dermatitis in some individuals. Avoid during pregnancy due to presence of high levels of ketones.

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