Snooze and Slumber Herbal Infusion Blend

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Snooze and Slumber Herbal Infusion Blend is a recipe for gentle tonic for the nervous system, this group of herbs is renowned for preparing the body for a restful sleep. Drink Serene and Tranquil  Herbal Infusion Blend in the daytime, avoiding caffeine, and Liver Maintence.

We Recommend 1 strong cup before dinner, 1 strong cup after dinner.

vervain from snooze and slumber herbal infusion blend

Ingredients for Snooze and Slumber Herbal Infusion Blend:-

Chamomile  10 grams
Fennel  50 grams
Passion Flower 100 grams
Lime Flowers 100 grams
Vervain  100 grams

Herbal teas are blends, inasmuch as they are produced using a variety of ingredients during the manufacturing process. For the most robust teas, a perfect blend must be achieved for premium quality. The tea, no matter the type, should taste full-bodied, never stale or thin.

Herbal tea blends are some of the most flavoursome teas in the world. The process of fermentation is where the blending actually happens. Spices, fruits, herbs, and other natural ingredients are brought together in this process to create unique and dynamic flavours, simple or refined.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and its our suggestion that you wait for about 10 days before brewing a pot or two, agitating the mix occasionally during that 10 day period to ensure all the flavours blend well and thoroughly.

When ready and this mix will make around 50 cups or good sized mugs, use a heaped teaspoon of the blend per person or serving and use a cafatierre if you don’t have a straining teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over the blend – wait until the water has stopped bubbling before you pour it which will signify its just off the boil otherwise you will scald the herbs. Always use fresh water rather than water you have previously boiled and left in the kettle. You want the water to have as much oxygen in it as possible.

Let the blend brew for around 5 minutes and then drink.