Gummy Gardenia – Gandharaj or Green Dikamali Gum – Gardenia gummifera


Gummy Gardenia

Gardenia gummifera

also well known as Gandharaj and Green Dikamali Gum.

25 grams

Gummy Gardenia (Gardenia gummifera) is from a small tree,  native to Central and Southern India and some parts of East Asia and in the Gardenia family. The gum from it which is highly prized is known as Gandharaj and Dikamali Gum.

The tree can grow up to 3 metres in height. Gardenia is a genus of about 250 species of flowering plants. They are evergreen shrubs and small trees growing to 1-15 metres tall. The leaves are opposite or in whorls of three or four, 5-50 cm long and 3-25 cm broad, dark green and glossy with a leathery texture. The flowers are solitary or in small clusters, white or pale yellow, with a tubular-based corolla with 5-12 lobes (‘petals’) from 5-12 cm diameter.

Traditional Uses for Gummy Gardenia:-

In Ayurveda it is considered to be be helpful in treating digestive problems, including dyspepsia and diarrhoea; or used as an astringent and expectorant for nervous conditions and spasms. It is anti bacterial so effective in treating minor and localised infection and it is also anti inflammatory.

The gum is extracted from the leaf buds and has a pleasant taste when chewed. It is used for cutaneous conditions (The system that encloses the body and includes skin, hair, nails, and related muscle and glands.)



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