Oxycoccus vaccinium

100 grams

Cranberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants available which help fight cell damaging free radicals which many attribute to our keeping healthier and looking younger.

They can help prevent urinary tract infections as they help to prevent bacteria attaching itself to the lining of the bladder. There is some evidence that they may also assist in the reduction of cardiovascular disease by reducing the build up of so called bad cholesterol due to their anti adhesive qualities.

The vast majority of dried cranberries sold, including all those that are sold under the best selling Craisins brand, (manufactured by the co-operative Ocean Spray) are heavily sweetened to balance the natural sourness of the cranberry.

These berries have been sweetened but have not been produced on a commercial scale. Real people were involved in the picking, drying and packaging of these berries – not programmable machines.

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September 2023

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May 2026