Chinese Woad (Cut) – Isatis indigotica – Ban Len Gen


Chinese Woad Root

Isatis indigotica- Ban Len Gen

50 grams


Chinese Woad (Isatis indigotica)  – Ban Len Gen is one of the most popular herbal medications used in China.

Traditional Uses of Chinese Woad in Chinese Medicine – Ban Len Gen:-

The Roots of Chinese Woad are used in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to make a concoction known as Banlangen that Chinese herbalists believe  to have antiviral properties.

It is used as an herbal medicinal tea in China for colds and tonsular ailments A tea made from the herb is used to treat symptoms of  influenza and upper respiratory tract infection, inflammation and some allergies. Used as a tea, it has a brownish appearance and (unlike most Chinese medicines) is mildly sweet in taste.

The herb is  also considered to be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-microbial and has historically been used to treat hepatitis in Chinese medicine.


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