Tuberose Absolute Oil label

Tuberose Absolute Oil-Polyanthes tuberosa


BOTANICAL NAME: Polyanthes tuberosa

OTHERWISE KNOWN AS: Mistress of the Night

SCENT:Tuberose has a fresh earthy aroma with just a hint of floral, spice – like notes. It does not smell of the fresh cut flower.

SCENT: A warm, rich, very sweet odour.

STRENGTH OF AROMA: Strong – Penetrating and Long Lasting




COLOUR: Deep blushing orange to dark brown

CONSISTENCY: Thick and Viscous

NOTE: Base


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Tuberose from which the Tuberose Absolute Oil is extracted from the roots, is a plant in the agave family Agavaceae. It appears as a rosette of thin leaves up to 45 cm (18 in) long, and puts out a spike of fragrant tubular white flowers in summer. The common name is the source of some confusion; it derives from Latin tuberosa, meaning swollen or tuberous in reference to its root system, but it has come to be thought of as derived from “tube + rose”. Members of the closely-related genus Manfreda are often called “tuberoses”. It smells nothing like Rose and the oil smells nothing like the flower in its absolute form.

Traditional Uses for Tuberose Absolute Oil:

Tuberose is very popular in the perfume and aromatic industries.

Tuberose Blends Well With:-

Turberose can be easily blended for aromatic purposes. The combinations are endless and very dependent upon individual tastes.


The legend of the tuberose in France warns that young girls should not breathe in its fragrance after dark for fear that it would put them in a romantic mood. In India, tuberose is known as rat ki rani, [The Mistress of the Night] for similar reasons. The Aztecs prized it for it medicinal properties.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, attars are held in high esteem not only for their exquisite fragrance, but their healing properties. Tuberose is known to improve one’s capacity for emotional depth. By opening the crown chakra it supposedly improves psychic powers. Tuberose also amplifies artistic inspiration as it stimulates the creative right side of the brain. And it brings serenity to the mind and heart.

Maybe these reasons are why tuberose absolute oil is so pricey! More expensive than most rose attars, pure Tuberose absolute oil is difficult to find. “If you want to be precise, there is no ‘essential oil’ of tuberose. The flowers won’t stand up to the high temperature of water/steam distillation. Therefore a solvent, usually hexane, is used. Solvent extracted oils are absolutes. Some aromatherapists will not use them, as they believe there are traces of the solvent in the oil, even if only on a vibrational level. We happen to disagree with this.

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