geranium leaf absolute oil label

Geranium Leaf Absolute Oil (Pelargonium graveolens) 100% Pure


BOTANICAL NAME: Pelargonium graveolens

SCENT: Geranium Leaf absolute has a scent that is both sweet and herbaceous, while carrying some subtle notes similar in character to Rose.




ORIGIN: France

COLOUR: Pale Green


NOTE: Middle


CAUTIONS: Absolutes should be avoided during pregnancy and never ingested (taken internally) and should be kept away from children and pets. No medicinal claims are made for this product and the notes above are provided for guidance purposes only. Absolute Oils are powerful plant extracts and should be used with extreme caution. You should seek the advice of a qualified practitioner should you be in any doubt.

It is important to note that all absolutes are extremely concentrated by nature. They should not be evaluated in this state unless you are accustomed to the undiluted fragrance. For those trying Absolutes for the first time, we strongly recommend they be evaluated in dilution. Otherwise, the complexity of the fragrance – particularly the rare and exotic notes – become lost.

Geranium Leaf Absolute Oil is made from Pelargonium graveolens which a hairy perennial shrub, often used in hedgerows, and stand up to about one metre high with pointed leaves, serrated at the edges and has pinkish-white flowers. It is a native of The Cape and Northern Territories of South Africa.It is sometimes called Sweet Scented Geranium.

Reported Attributes of Geranium Leaf Absolute Oil:-

Traditional and Emotional uses reportedly include:-

It is a favourite amongst aromatherapists who often blend it with lavender although this absolute is more often used in perfumery than aromatherapy for its finer and stronger fragrance.

This calming and serene oil has a great all-over balancing effect and this extends to the skin – where it helps to create balance between oily and dry skin, emotions – where it helps to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, and the hormone system. The strong smell is particularly used to ward off mosquitoes and the oil massaged into the scalp is used against head lice. In massage it is perceived to be assist with fluid retention and help fight cellulite.

It is considered astringent, haemostatic, diuretic, antiseptic, anti-depressant, tonic, antibiotic, anti-spasmodic and as an anti-infectious agent.

Geranium Leaf Absolute Oil Blends Well With:-

Basil, Bergamot, Citronella, Clary Sage, Fennel, Gapefruit, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Neroli, Nutmeg


The plants originated from South Africa as well as Reunion Island  (hence its Bourbon name) , Madagascar, Egypt and Morocco and was introduced to European countries such as Italy, Spain and France in the 17th century. The Greek pelargos means “stork” A common name for Pelargoniums is Storksbill or Cranesbill due to the shape of their fruit. The specific epithet “graveolens” refers to the strong-smelling leaves


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