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Cananga Essential Oil-Cananga odorata


BOTANICAL NAME: Cananga odorata

SCENT: Cananga essential oil has a sweet, exotic, deeply floral and heady scent with a creamy note. Cananga oil extracted from the flowers of plants growing in Java is said to contain fewer esters and more sesquiterpenes than ylang-ylang oil extracted from flowers growing in Reunion, Madagascar, and the Comorro Islands. The main aromatic component of cananga is methyl anthranilate.



EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation.

ORIGIN: Indonesia

COLOUR: Cananga Essential Oil has a yellow to orange hue



Cananga Essential Oil is distilled from the flowers of a tall tropical tree up to 20m high with large, tender, fragrant flowers, which can be pink, mauve or yellow. The yellow flowers are considered best for the extraction of essential oil. The oil extracted from the tree in the western Indian Ocean is known as Ylang Ylang whilst in Malaysia and Indonesia, it is known as Cananga and is thought to have entirely different properties and whilst the fragrance is familiar it is more resinous than the, perhaps, more familiar Ylang Ylang.

Reported Attributes of Cananga Essential Oil:-

Traditional and Emotional uses reportedly include:-

It is considered to be an aphrodisiac, anti-depressant, anti-infectious, antiseborrheic, antiseptic, euphoric, hypotensive, nervine, regulator, sedative (nervous), stimulant (circulatory), & tonic.

Cananga Essential Oil Blends Well With:-

Rosewood, Jasmine, Vetiver, Opopanax, Bergamot, Mimosa, Cassia and Rose.


The Cananga is a common village tree in Malaysia. Its fragrant flowers are worn for personal adornment. Long used for its sensual and aphrodisiacal properties, the fresh flowers are strewn on the beds of newly married couples. It was introduced to the island of Reunion in the western Indian Ocean in the late 18th century, and from there to the Comorro Islands about a century ago. The oil distilled from the flowers is known as Cananga oil and is very similar to Ylang Ylang but purists find it more resinous in nature and slightly less floral.

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