Oat Straw (Avena sativa), comes from the stems of the Oat, sometimes called the common oat or Groats, which is a species of cereal grown mainly for its seed, which is known by the same name (usually in the plural, unlike other cereals and pseudocereals)

Traditional Uses & Constituents of Oat Straw:-

The herb is popular as an alternative to standard Western allopathic medicine for a variety of problems, including panic attacks, fighting osteoporosis as well as calming hyperactive children. It tastes rather pleasant too although this editor prefers it infused in  milk rather than a water based infusion.

It is rich in calcium and magnesium. It can be used for both physical and nervous fatigue and is helpful for depression. Oat straw also contains large volumes of Calcium but also significant quantities of B-complex vitamins, silicia, flavones, saponins, and Vitamin A.

The herb has been found to be an excellent toner for the whole system. Oat Straw is useful for thyroid and oestrogen deficiency, for MS, osteoporosis, appetite loss, anorexia, urinary concerns, colds and chills and to encourage sweating.

It’s secondary uses are for dealing with the discomfort of boils (as a poultice), weak bones, bursitis, constipation, gallbladder, kidney problems, liver disorders, pancreatic concerns, rheumatism, and some skin conditions.

A handful may also be added to the bath to help relieve overall nervous body tensions and combines well with Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena for this purpose. It is used by a multitude of eczema and psoriasis sufferes in this fashion as it is very calming for the skin.

A Tip

Put your herbs into an old sock or down a worn pair of tights, tie a loose knot in them and use that as a means to distribute the herbs constituents throughout the hot water of the bath – squeeze the sock or tights a few times when thoroughly wet. That way no bits to get stuck in you and a bath that doesn’t need extra cleaning when you’ve finished!

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